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If you are looking to improve facility scheduling and want a better community connection we can help.

Our system is far more than a simple online calendar. Behind the public calendar you get powerful administrative tool to control and understand your facilities.

With our hosted system there is nothing to download, nothing to install, just sign up and start scheduling.

Feature Overview
Web-based public calendarAnyone, anywhere in the world with internet access can view your calendar. The calendar has: built-in online help, view months, weeks, or days events, direct link to your homepage, filter events by facility or category, and much more.
Public reservation systemAnyone can sign-up to request a facility but you control who is approved before they get access to the request system. You can turn this feature off if you want.
Unlimited number of facilitiesYou can create an unlimited number of facilities for your calendar. Each facility lets you control the following: contact person, web link, conflict checking, and more.
Automatic E-mail notificationAs you work with requesters and events people are kept informed automatically via e-mail. E-mails are automatically sent when a person signs up to be a requester, when an event is approved, when an event is invoiced, etc.
Full-featured facility request systemOur state of the art system lets people generate a request for: multiple facilities, multiple days, repeated days, non-showing events, special setups, and more.
Conflict checking/Resource reservationOur system will automatically check to see if a requested event will conflict with one already on the calendar. Requesters are automatically notified before they submit that their events have conflicts and we provide tools to work conflict resolution.
Event approvalWe offer a sophisticated system to help you work with event requests. A multi-tiered administrative system lets event approvers focus on just the events they need to see yet allows flexibility to avoid approval bottlenecks.
Event uploadOur system lets you build large event lists off-line and then upload hundreds of events all at once.
Site look and feelYou can change colors and graphics across the entire scheduling site so it looks and feels like the rest of your site. This provides a seamless experience for your community members.

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